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Sometimes with a little help, you might be able to solve basic problems yourself. Equally, even if you can’t do it yourself, it can be useful to understand a bit more about the problem or issue you are dealing with. We are more than happy to give advice over the phone, but, in the meantime, here are some tips, advice and general thoughts on a variety of subjects.

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Plumbing through the night, 200m above the ground!

5th July 2016

If you have images of someone sitting on a crane or steel beam, high above the city, sleeves rolled up, chilling out drinking tea between bouts of vertigo inspiring plumbing feats, sorry! We were that high, it was through the night and the views were magnificent, but it was quite a bit safer and all inside! Aside from the location and the highly unsociable hours, it was an unusual project in other respects, one of them being that we were paid to work and paid not to work! Our client...

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Bio-mass burner solves heating problem for London Stone

20th June 2016

We have been working with London Stone now for many years, as their preferred plumber on a whole variety of plumbing and heating projects, helping them to set up all their new showrooms, offices and factories. Recently, we were jointly faced with a new type of challenge, one that was solved in a highly efficient way, resulting in cost savings, time savings and energy savings, as well as being very good from an environmental point of view. Let’s hope this article is of interest to other pro-active companies faced with similar...

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How often should I really get my boiler serviced?

26th April 2016

We’ll have to apologise up front, as you were probably hoping for a different answer to this question than the one we are going to give, as you were probably hoping to save money. Boiler servicing costs money and it’s always a shame to spend money without getting a really obvious benefit and keeping something working which was working anyway doesn’t really fit that bill! However, hopefully some of the things we are going to talk about will help financially, as looking after your boiler properly can make a big...

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How to cure a dripping tap

5th March 2016

There’s a kids book called Peace at Last in which poor Daddy bear is trying to get a decent night’s sleep and everywhere he goes, there is something to keep him awake! In this particular story, the noise in the kitchen is the humming of the fridge, but it could just as easily have been a dripping tap, which would probably have been even more irritating! If you’ve got a dripping tap, you’ll know what I mean! It would be lovely to be able to say that the solution is...

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Tips on unblocking blocked drains and blocked traps

5th February 2016

Blocked drains or blocked traps can be a real pain, particularly as they often cause an unpleasant odour as waste water is unable to escape. Clearly this is something we could help you with, but if you are prepared to try a few things yourself (or have a neighbour who might be willing to help), you might be able to solve the problem yourself. Here are a few tips for both blocked drains and blocked traps. If you would like a bit of advice over the phone while you are...

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Plumber wins The Apprentice!

4th December 2015

You probably didn’t expect to be reading about The Apprentice on a plumbing and heating website! Then again, we didn’t expect to be writing about it either! But when Joseph Valente won the 2015 series of the Apprentice with a business idea to expand his plumbing business, we could hardly ignore it! It’s great to see someone with a real passion for what they do and a complete understanding about what the business needs, which in the case of plumbing and heating is expertise and service. You’ve got to know...

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